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Black Friday:
4 jewelry tips to shop consciously

Black Friday is almost here and we see offers everywhere. Moreover, the pre-Christmas atmosphere is spreading to streets, homes, shops, offices and the net. In this context, we can expect an irrational desire to buy growing inside us…  the hustle and bustle turns into a need to spend that is not real and can take a toll on our pockets.

In Bosphora we talk Jewel Language and yes, we also offer discounts all sitewide. But being in tune with our values, we came up with four tips to use our Black Friday discounts without going crazy. We hope you find them useful!

1. Purchase essential jewels

Do you miss some essential piece in your jewelry box ? A pair of hoops, a versatile necklace, a ring with some stone on it... if you were thinking of completing your jewelry collection but you could not afford it, now is the time to take advantage of the current discounts. 

2. Get that special jewel you already wanted.

You have been thinking about buying a special quality jewel for a long time, considering it as an investment that you could not afford. Until now! Black Friday discounts will let you purchase this unique piece that make you smile and will last forever in your jewelry box.   

3. Anticipate Christmas and free yourself from the last-minute gifts

Do you struggle finding the perfect gift for that special person? Do you have a secret Santa and feel totally lost about what to get him/her? A combination of zirconia necklace and earrings is a timeless classic loved by everyone. And if you were thinking about something bolder, the initial necklace or earrings are the perfect option, impossible to go wrong. And what is more, the packaging of Bosphora’s jewels is perfect for a gift, it will not be necessary to add anything else, you can give it as it comes. 

4. No stress: buy calmly online.

Peacefully in the warmth of your home, from the sofa, with your favorite music, without pressure or street noise. From this relaxed atmosphere you will be able to compare products, prices and finally make better decisions and consciously purchase the products that will cover your needs and desires. 

We hope you find these tips useful and we encourage you to apply them in this Black Friday, so you can have a more conscious and rational shopping experience.

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