We Strive to Allow
Your Natural Glow to Shine Brighter
Through Our Jewels

Our Mission & Values

BOSPHORA aims to be a stylish brand that will allow you to sparkle. Our mission is simple. We strive to allow your natural glow to shine brighter through our collection of jewelry pieces, masterfully crafted with values rooted in positivity, creativity, and style.


Keeping these values through every intricate step of the entire process allows us to craft beautiful jewelry pieces that stand out. We are a team of highly-skilled jewelry craftsmen who are here to bring you pieces that are bold, stunning, and eye-catching. 


Our love for the craft made us a brand who is enthusiastic about both following the trend and setting it. Our clients love us for the creativity and bold approach we have when it comes to fashionable jewelry pieces. As your trusted source for quality and affordable jewelry, we will bring you beautiful gold and silver jewelry pieces that not only make an outfit more opulent, but will also scream your unique personality.


And like a precious stone on top of a fancy ring, selected based on clarity… We value transparency both with our customers and with our employees. People made BOSPHORA what it is today. And we will always strive to make people the center of everything we do. After all, what is an exquisite ring without the finger that will showcase its beauty to the world?

Our Story

The year was 2015. The BOSPHORA we know today started with a piece of luggage and a one-way ticket to the beautiful and charming city of Barcelona. The cosmopolitan city  was the witness to the early days of our brand.


We started by designing and selling quality and affordable jewelry pieces to different shops in Spain, all from our small apartment. And through our dedication and passion for the craft, we earned enough funds to move into our first tiny office a year after.


This milestone gave us the validation we needed to confirm that our idea is working. That we are doing work that brings value to people. And as the months go by, more and more jewelry pieces are being sold. So more and more pieces are being designed to keep up with the rising demand.

But that was only the beginning.

After years of selling beautiful jewelry pieces in Spain. And with our over 10 years of experience in the jewelry making industry, we finally decided it’s time to turn the ultimate dream into our reality.


In 2020, we created a brand that will represent our passion for jewelry, our excitement for design, our love for family, our thirst for life, and our desire to bring art that touches not only the human skin but also the heart and soul. And BOSPHORA was born to be your loving friend who will be with you to elevate your look wherever and whenever.


When we talk about design, we talk about highly-skilled jewelers and our minute attention to even the smallest of details. You can expect that when you inspect a piece from BOSPHORA, all that you will see are small, intricate steps we put into creating such a stunning piece. 


Each piece starts out with an inspiration. From nature, art, rich cultures, strong emotions, new trends, and more, we take inspiration from just about anything and take that into the designing table.


Before any material is melted or molded, everything starts off with papers and pencils. We sketch the design by hand and make sure it will be the one piece that a specific person will love. And all of these are done in our modest atelier in Barcelona, Spain.


Once the final sketch is nailed down, we select only the quality materials we think will best represent the piece. From 925 sterling silver, 18K gold, brass, semi-precious stones, zirconias, to high quality Italian-made chains, we pick only the materials that are guaranteed premium to make up our jewelry.


We treat the actual crafting of each piece as an intricate process of creating art. It is not something that is hurried. BOSPHORA has earned its name today by putting quality and attention to detail in ALL that we do. And this includes production of the jewelry pieces.


All our stunning pieces are crafted with unmatched skill inside our trusted high technology silver jewelry factories in the European side of Istanbul. The mission of each of our highly-skilled jewelers is to bring out extravagant pieces you will love to see both in your collection and on your skin

From sketching, molding, cutting, to polishing, our promise is to bring you quality jewelry pieces that are not only a symbol of status, but are also a representation of an artisan's love for his craft.


And while these are all great, BOSPHORA ensures that each piece you will wear is of the highest quality and will allow you to wear it with a clear conscience. We value ethics and sustainability in our intricate production process. This allowed us to be recognized and certified by SEDEX, one of the world's leading ethical trade membership organizations, working with businesses to improve working conditions in global supply chains.

BOSPHORA is not here to just manufacture, we are here to create. And your skin has always been the blank canvas we have in mind before any piece is ever made.

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Our Team

People brought BOSPHORA the distinct values and promises it brings to customers today. And we couldn’t be more grateful for the brains, the hands, and the eyes working behind the scenes to consistently put out quality jewelry pieces that will captivate.


We are a family. From younger professionals to experts in the industry, we allow respect and appreciation to thrive in the workspace. And above all, we are working towards one clear goal. To bring BOSPHORA into the list of leading names in the jewelry making industry.


Our team moves us forward and we will be forever grateful for the people who are working to help us turn our dream for BOSPHORA into a reality.

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