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Our jewelry is handcrafted from the finest ethically sourced materials and designed for everyday wear. We pay close attention to the materials we use. All Bosphora pieces are made of 925 sterling silver with 18K gold bath or Rhodium bath. No Bosphora jewellery contains Nickel or other types of heavy metals.

We use high quality Zircons and semi-precious stones. (Semi-precious stones vary slightly in tone due to their natural origin. These color variations will not be considered quality defects or defects.)


Although we strive to make durable pieces, jewelry is delicate by nature. Treat your jewelry with care, avoiding blows that can damage or scratch them. Although they are very comfortable, we recommend that you take them off before sleeping, playing sports or showering. Bathrooms also react to external agents such as air or light, so tarnishing or loss of shine, although gradual, is a natural process. They can also be affected by chemicals such as creams, perfumes, makeup, body oils, lotions, cleaning products, chlorine, salt water or the skin's own pH.

Bosphora does not guarantee that the gold plating of our models will last forever. Gold-plated pieces are more fragile and susceptible to discoloration over time. The speed at which this color disappears depends on multiple factors such as the use of chemical products on the skin, the level of body sweating or even the same PH level of the skin of each person. For this reason, it is especially important to take proper care of your gold-plated jewellery.


You can use the cloth that we include with each order to polish your pieces by rubbing gently on the metal parts. If you consider it necessary, you can also clean them with warm water and mild soap, using a soft toothbrush and rubbing very delicately. It is important that at the end you dry your piece well with a towel or a soft cloth.


Store your pieces individually so they do not get scratched, either in the box or in the case that we include with all our orders. The ideal environment for its conservation is dark, cool and dry.

Bosphora Jewelry gif, earring, necklace and bracelet for men and women.

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