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We are currently becoming more and more familiar with the capsule wardrobe concept, those versatile clothing pieces that complement each other and define your stile. But regarding jewellery, it can be challenging to imagine which are those essential jewels that must be waiting for us in our jewellery box. Having a capsule jewellery box, it is a must-do activity for every woman. Not only to allow you to save space and money, but to make it easier for you to create a suitable outfit for every occasion.

Have we already convinced you of the importance of having a capsule jewellery box? Come on, let’s go for it… but wait, ¡there are endless types, colours and shapes of jewellery! ¿Which one should you choose? ¿Which one will set on you? ¿Will it be suitable for every occasion? ¿Would you easily combine it with your other jewellery?

Don’t panic! We did our job and we selected 7 basic jewels that every jewellery box should have, considering their versatility, their price and the capacity to combine with each other and with other pieces. In other words, a jewellery box that you could take on a trip to any destination for any reason. Note down!


Hoops are the ultimate basic earrings. Daytime, night-time, for casual look or dressy look… just perfect for any occasion, they will get you out of any stylistic struggle.

Their quality is important, it should be sterling silver. Also, they should not be too large nor too small and they should not have any texture or sparkle that could condition your outfit or tire you later. Smooth and medium size, like these gold-plated MEDIUM HOOPS. Look how well they fit!


A pair of special earrings is also a must-have. They should have something sparkling, or some colour, or a pendant, or a shape that you like, so you can wear it alone, together, as a piercing… As you can see, a pair of very versatile earrings that will level up your look. They should not have too be the star of the outfit just a help to add a touch of stile to the look, as the MINI CHAIN HOOPS in gold-plated sterling silver.


For your hands a fine ring with some sparkle is essential. But instead of suggest you the classic solitaire, let’s give it a different approach with a more versatile version as the SHINE RING. Made with gold-plated sterling silver embellished with two delicate zirconia, it is also adjustable so it brings you infinite possible combinations. Alone or with other partners in your fingers, you will always find a way to wear it and make it shine.


A ring with personality is a must for that occasion that requires a bit of wow effect. It has to speak for itself. You can wear it with other rings but if you leave it as the main player nit fulfils the role perfectly.

The NIGHT VIBE RING in gold-plated sterling silver with black enamel not only accomplish these requirements but its black colour makes it really easy to combine it in your outfit.


On the neck, a fine and graceful necklace is essential. It should have some detail that makes it special: a pendant with some stone, initial or with some figure that is important to you and that will make you smile every time you see it. Easy to combine with your other necklaces and with enough quality so that if you forget to take it off, it will not lose its shine or colour.

All these features are brought together by the HEART PADLOCK NECKLACE in gold-plated sterling silver with delicate white zirconia, a playful and cute necklace that gives sparkle to any look, either alone or with other jewellery pieces.


A statement necklace that provides strength and a firm view to your outfit. It can be easily combined but it has enough personality to be alone.

A necklace like the BLACK EDGE, made of gold-plated sterling silver with a gold spike and black zirconia. It shines all on its own and will make you be noticed.


You can wear it inside or outside the sleeve, day or night, alone or with other jewellery pieces. A versatile and easy to put on and off bracelet is a must-have.

Just like the BEAT CHAIN, a basic bracelet so comfortable that you will not want to take it off. And don’t worry, if this happens it will not get dirty or change its colour. We guarantee that our gold-plated sterling silver will last forever as shinny as you see it now.

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