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Gold or silver?
How to choose the right jewelry colour for your skin tone.

You found it, the perfect silver jewel. You need it, so you go for it. But then, the old-age debate: silver or gold colour? It is not just about personal taste; it is also about which one will fit you the most. ¿Are you aware that you look better in one of them? That is because your skin tone, the clothes you wear and your hair colour determine how well your jewel colour fits you.

For example, in this photo Beth is wearing the BLUE SCENE NECKLACE in both colours. While one makes her skin glow and suits her, the other, on the contrary, makes her skin matte and does not make her shine. ¿Can you guess which colour looks better on her? 

That is right, silver colour with blur enhances her skin better than gold silver.

And what about you? Which colour suits you best? In this article we will give you some tips to avoid making the wrong decision, with some must-know rules that every stylist follows closely. Keep reading to highlight your natural beauty!


Silver colour better suits people with the so-called cool skin. Cool skin is light and slightly pinkish, one which hardly turns tanned with sun, with bluish veins (you can notice by simply checking your wrist) and with naturally dark hair. This skin tone looks good combined with blue, violet, red, green and pure white colours.

Is your skin cool? Then silver jewelry is for you! It will highlight your smile, define your features and give you a healthy glow. And if you want extra sparkle or colour, choose silver jewelry with semi-precious stones or enamels, especially in cold colours.  

Let’s see some ideal silver jewelry for cool skin, as the BLUE EDGE NECKLACE worn by Max and the LARGE HOOPS EARRINGS worn by Beth. Silver colour looks great on them, look how shiny their faces look! Try it for yourself, you will see the difference!


Gold colour, on the other hand, looks better in warm skin. Warm skin is mostly tanned or brown skin with greenish veins (you can check it by looking to your wrist) and combines perfectly with orange, copper, honey, coral terracotta and beige tones.

If your skin tone is warm, gold is your colour. Don’t hesitate! You will see that the golden tone will highlight your tan, give you a glow effect and define your face’s natural features. In addition, you can wear it with black clothes for special occasions or with white cloths for summer or more informal occasions.

The combination with black colours is the one chosen by Tess. She wears the KEY NECKLACE and the HEART PADLOCK KEY EARRINGS. Her cinnamon skin with black and golden colours looks juicy, radiant and beautiful.

Sergio wears the EDGE EARRING and the BEAT CHAIN NECKLACE with baby blue and it looks amazing! The Bosphora gold jewels look really good on him. 


And if you don’t see it clearly or you simply don’t want a single colour to define you, bicolour jewelry is the deal for you. Check our LETTER NECKLACES, or the BICOLOR SCENE NECKLACE, RING AND BRACELET, a trio designed for all skin tones that will make it easier to choose and will let you stop fretting over it. Very versatile jewels to add a touch of style and sparkle to your outfit, whatever your skin tone is, the clothes you wear or the colour of your hair.

So, do you have cool or warm skin? Have you learned which colour suits you better? Did you ever wondered the importance of your skin tone when choosing your jewelry? Also keep in mind that we usually do not have the same skin tone in winter as in summer. If you get tanned with the sun, summer will be ideal to create looks with your gold jewelry, and reserve the silver ones for colder times.

We hope that our tips and advices have been useful for you to get to know yourself a little better and choose the right jewelry to make you shine with complete confidence.  

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