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The ultimate Christmas gift guide

The time has come, it is here! Christmas is spreading to streets and homes with all its brightness and sugary smell… The time for excitement, hope, tradition and reunions has arrived. If you feel like celebrating it with a gift that will make that special person smile and will last forever, a jewel is what you are looking for.

In Bosphora we believe silver jewelry is the perfect gift for Christmas, that is why we take so good care of our packaging. We know how important the first impression of a carefully enveloped gift is to get the wow effect. And that is the reason our jewels travel inside its cute boxes designed to be a present by themselves. 

If you agree with us and believe a silver jewel is the perfect gift but you don’t even know where to start looking, we have made you a Christmas gift guide for ten different profiles. This year you can’t go wrong!

1. A gift for the Minimalist

She wears plain but elegant clothes, she doesn’t usually wear a lot of jewelry but the pieces she wears are fine and consciously picked. For that special woman that thinks less is more, we suggest you the MINI HOOPS or the GLINT RING with the colored zirconia you like the most.

2. A gift for the Multitasking

She never stops: work, family, friends, weekend trips… She lives in a daily chaotic messy rush and her style is casual, comfortable and charming. The perfect gift for her has to follow the path. That is why we suggest you the GLOW EARRINGS with black or white zirconia. Easy to put and take off, it doesn’t get caught up in scarves or foulards and will give a special sparkle to her face. It would also be a great idea the SHINE RING: versatile, easy to combine and provides a touch of style to any casual look.

3. A gift for Him

He loves to adorn himself, make combinations with his jewels and get the most of him. He has few jewels but well picked and with high quality. If you want to surprise him with a gift he will love, get a silver ring like the VIBE RING, a medium size CHAIN or, if he has a piercing hole, any spike of the EDGE collection. Any of these options will lead you to success.

4. A gift for the New Mom

She recently had a baby and you want to make her a gift that will add happiness to the moment she is living. If you want to make that exhausted and proud mom smile, we suggest you to get the bicolor silver LETTER NECKLACE with her baby’s initial. Another option are the GLINT HOOPS, available in different zirconia colors, a classic and elegant touch of sparkle to highlight her tired sleep deprived face to make it bright again.

5. A gift for a Tight Budget

Maybe you have a Secret Santa, or maybe you are suffering the increasing prices… Anyway, you just need to adjust this Christmas presents budget and find the perfect good, nice and cheap gift. If that is the case, we suggest you the pretty and versatile EDGE BRACELET o the fine and marvelous TRIPLE ZIRCONIA RING. Both of them are great and with our packaging will make them seem like fine jewelry. A guaranteed wow effect!

6. A gift for whom you owe one

The woman that made you a priceless gift. Or the one that made you cry with her gift and you don’t know how to give it back. Or the one that is always there when you need her. You owe her and want to show it with an unforgettable gift. In that case, we suggest you the GLINT EARRINGS and GLINT NECKLACE combo. You can find six cute colors to chose and if you pick the correct one, the gratitude will be legendary.

7. A gift for the Teenager

The ratchet style has taken control of the young girls’ wardrobe. Rosalia and Nathy Peluso, being the inspiration of it and with a marked empowering attitude, have brought colorful clothes, flashy sneakers and oversized earrings to streets and shops. And the ratchet style can’t be understood without a big pair of hoops like the OVERSIZED HOOPS. If she already has them, or you are not sure about it, the bicolor LETTER EARRING with her initial will be the perfect choice. With these two options we assure you real happiness in that teenager that does not seem to be easily pleased.

8. A gift for the Divine

She moves with the grace of a greek goddess. She has this self-confidence that everything she wears seems to be made specially for her. Her style is flawless… and finding the perfect gift for her can be difficult. Don’t look for it anymore! The golden U PAVE HOOPS with white zirconia are the perfect gift, as well as the SEVEN CHARM NECKLACE, versatile and really easy to combine, it gives a touch of sparkle and movement to the neck. You found it!

9. A gift for the Glam Granny

¿What would we do without them? Confident, loving, willing to do anything for you… Grannies gives us everything they have. What if we return a little bit of their love this year? Let’s finish the sweetest hug with the delivery of a little box and make the moment even more unforgettable. If you want to highlight the natural beauty of that great woman with a jewel, let it be the SHIMMER NECKLACE or BRACELET, they will fit her perfectly.

10. A gift for the Party Girl

Does she like to party more than taking off the bra after a long day? Is she up for any night plan without blinking? Are sequins a must-have in her wardrobe?  We all have that friend that perfectly knows how to party and live unforgettable nights… For her, that weirdo we all know and love you have to find the most amazing gift that will leave her speechless. As the ROOT NECKLACE or the OVERSIZED BOLD HOOPS. With these two pieces she will be able to keep enjoying the night with an extra touch of strength and personality in her look.

We hope these ideas have been useful to complete your Christmas gift list, and make that special person you are thinking about happy and grateful. And remember, Bosphora jewels are already sent with a perfect ready-to-give packaging, you will not need to ask Christmas elves for help 😉

We also want to use this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas, and don’t forget that the joy of brightening other lives becomes for us the magic of the holidays.

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